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As Per OCT 2021


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Affordable Courier Charge Rate Per Kg to Belgium

  • Pick-up from Bengaluru India
  • Competitive Prices
  • Door-to-Door Delivery in Belgium
  • Active Customer Support
  • Online Payment Options
  • Live Tracking Facility
  • Branded Foods Delivery
  • Ayurvedic Medicine* Delivery
  • Clothes, Footwear & Books Delivery
  • Documents/Gifts Delivery

International Courier From India to Belgium,
Courier services made easy to Belgium


Express delivery to Belgium would be more affordable if you make it through Shoppre. We provide discounted international shipping rates to Belgium from well known and trusted global courier partners such as DHL, DTDC etc.,

Be it whether courier pick up or dropping off your package locally, it will be couriered quickly, usually within 3-6 business days. And Shoppre couriers all your package via express couriers by default , whilst allowing you to track your package until it arrives at your doorstep.

Go through the following FAQs and clarify all your doubts on the shipment process and procedures of Shoppre.

1. Why should I rely on Shoppre?

Shoppre doesn’t ask for ANY upfront payment while scheduling your pickup or dropping off the package. And if you are worried about the damage to your goods during the transit, there’s no need to worry as we schedule your couriers with the best courier partners i.e DHL/DTDC etc. And DHL/DTDC have strict guidelines to ensure the safety of your goods and if by any chance, the damage is made in regards to our fault, then Shoppre refunds the entire amount (if there is any supported proofs).

2. Can I ship the components of Motor Cars from India to Belgium?

Components of a Motor Car can be shipped to your doorstep through Shoppre, but one thing to be remembered is that the pricing depends on both volumetric and actual weight of the package. Although, not all the items are on the list due to the custom issues from both India and the at the destination.

3. Can footwear be shipped from India to Belgium?

Shoppre helps you courier Indian footwear which is known for its best quality and amazing looks with the best possible courier rates and speedy services with the trusted courier partners that ship globally. However, not all are in the bucket as Shoppre do not ship leather items as Indian customs do not allow to do so.

4. How to ship garments and ready-made clothing from India to Belgium?

Shoppre helps you ship ready-made garments and clothing accessories that adds an extra attractiveness and makes ou stand out in the crowd when you are in a function or an event and gives you Indian look and touch that makes you feel better and more comfortable with very low shipping rates and speedy delivery.

5. Can I shop and ship from Indian Online websites?

Most of the Indian Shopping sites do not provide shipping services globally. However, You can ship your favourite accessories from your favourite shopping sites and give our address as your destination and when the package reaches at our facility, we ship it to your doorstep within just 3-6 business days.

6. What are the advantages if I ship through Shoppre?

Shipping through Shoppre would be more advantageous as Shoppre ships your packages through the trusted courier partners like DHL, DTDC, etc., with the best rates in the market and by default ships through express shipping along with a speedy delivery within just 3-4 business days. It provides you with the best customer support who always strive for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

7. How do I address a Parcel to Belgium?

When shipping internationally, you must make sure that you get the address right in order to minimise the risk of something going wrong in the delivery process. In Belgium, shipping addresses should include:

Postcodes in Belgium are made up of four digits, the first of which indicates the province that the destination address is in.

International courier charges per kg from India

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