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International Courier From India to South Africa,
Ship What You Love From India To South Africa


Shipping stuff from one country to another has most often been a plague. No more with Shoppre! Just sit back and relax while we take care of your shipment from end to end with very cheap shipping charges and with the utmost care and secured. International shipping will no longer be a troublesome nor a hassle process.

Need to ship Indian items to South Africa? Have no idea how to proceed? Have many questions shooting on your mind? Finding it difficult to get the answers for all those questions? What are the restricted items? What are the items that are prohibited to ship to South Africa? Can I ship food items? Can I ship this, that? Is it reliable? Is it safe? Do you manage all the custom duties? Worried about courier charges per kg?

No worries:) Shoppre has you secured. Find the answers below for all your queries.

1. How much does it cost to send a parcel to South Africa?

Shoppre Courier charges its price to all its customers based on both volumetric and actual weight and also provides you with a consolidation facility, wherein, if you have multiple packages, it compiles all the packages and packs into one and then ship through which again you can cut down the cost to its minimal.

2. What is the best and cheap way to courier stuff from India to South Africa?

Shoppre finds a great delight by connecting Indian customers/consumers in South Africa and offers the best, cheap and very reliable costs to the courier with an excellent and unforgettable experience which you would take back from Shoppre.
It also allows its customers to use the premium service where almost half of the shipping charges would be cut down and would help while doing bulk and regular shipments and for the rest, it provides almost 50% offer depending on the destination country along with the other exciting offers.

3. What are the prohibited and restricted items to courier from India to South Africa?

All the liquid/semi-liquid items are treated as special items and would charge a special clearance fee for the same so as to take an extra care as it would be treated and handled delicately.
All the medicines will be required an original prescription and invoice to be shipped.
All the harmful materials such as weapons would be prohibited.

4. Can you shop and ship from Indian online stores with low courier charges per kg?

Absolutely yes! Shoppre provides you with the benefit of online shopping from your favorite Indian Online Shopping Portals and receives the packages on your behalf (if you do not have an Indian address) by providing you with a virtual address and stores it in a unique locker for 20 free days, consolidate it and ship it to your doorstep once the ship request is created. It also provides you with a personal shopper facility where ShoppRe shops for you if you find it unable to place an order when you don't have Indian credentials and Ships it to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa with very low shipping charges.

5. Do Shoppre provide Parcel Forwarding service to South Africa?

Yes! You can not just shop and ship with Shoppre but can also avail their Package Forwarding Services to South Africa by just signing up with them and getting a virtual address and a unique locker number, Which you can then use in any of the shopping websites as your shipping address to ship all your purchases which will then be shipped to your home country at your designated address anywhere in the South Africa.

6. What is the best way to ship Jewelry from India to South Africa?

Shoppre is the answer again! With Shoppre shipping jewelry would never be a hassle process. Shoppre helps you ship any kind of jewelry except Gold, Silver, Diamond and other precious metals/ornaments in a very reliable and within a short duration of 3-6 working days.

7. Does Flipkart/ Factory ship to South Africa?

Flipkart/ Factory does not ship to South Africa unfortunately. However, Shoppre provides you a platform to shop from these websites and helps you ship it to your doorstep without any hassle within just 3-6 working days.

International courier charges per kg from India

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