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Note These rates not applicable for medicine, liquid & semi-liquid shipments. Contact Our Customer Support.

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Everything you need to know about International Courier Charges from India

The first question that might strike you, when you are planning to get your package delivered to your residence from India is: “How much does an international courier cost from India?” It would be a hasty decision to choose a random international courier service without knowing the calculation behind International courier rate. So, the next obvious thought would be enquiring about which courier company has the cheapest shipping rate to send international courier from India. To resolve the ambiguity, Shoppre provides you a solution along with the cheapest international courier service. The solution is nothing but the International Shipping Cost Calculator. Know how to use the international courier rate calculator from the following steps and calculate estimated delivery charges every time before you schedule a pickup.

1. How to calculate International Shipping Cost?

Here’s how to calculate international courier charges . Find the best rate for International Document Courier and Non-Document Package.

Note :   These estimated charges are not applicable for shipping medicines from India. If you are in a need to courier medicines from India to your country, know the details via Shoppre International Medicine Courier.

2. International Courier Charges from India to the most shipped countries.

Shoppre ships parcels from India to 220+ countries. With the all-in-one package shipping method, you can save up to 60-80% on International Courier Charges. In case, if you are looking for bulk shipments frequently for your business, Shoppre caters to your need by offering Premium Membership Benefits. Know more about the premium benefits & industrial pick-ups via Ecommerce seller shipping rates. As of now, the table below shows estimated international parcel rates for top destinations our customers have shipped to. The prices are displayed for document & non-document type parcels along with country-specific discounts.

Top 9 Countries
Rates Mentioned are for Reference. It may Differ*
Basic Estimate
(0.5-1 ) Kg
Premium Estimate
(0.5-1) Kg
Actual Cost
Offer Price
Actual Cost
Offer Price
United States of America ₹3948 ₹1974 ₹3751 ₹1875
United Kingdom ₹3530 ₹1765 ₹3354 ₹1677
Australia ₹3804 ₹1902 ₹3614 ₹1807
Canada ₹3758 ₹1879 ₹3570 ₹1785
Singapore ₹3205 ₹1602 ₹3045 ₹1522
Mauritius ₹4672 ₹2336 ₹4438 ₹2219
Hong Kong ₹3560 ₹1780 ₹3382 ₹1691
Japan ₹3870 ₹1935 ₹3677 ₹1838
Switzerland ₹3530 ₹1765 ₹3354 ₹1677

3. How long does it take to get a package from India?

Once you schedule a pick-up, our professional will reach the pick-up location within 24-48 hours. However, the shipping requests received on Sundays after 3 pm, will be processed the next working day. Typically it takes 3-6 business days for your courier to reach the destination. Most of the time, the delivery happens earlier than the estimated date. But, shipments that require additional documents for approval might take up some more time. In any case, you can track the live status of your courier.

4. What does the international shipping cost include & doesn’t include?

The estimated price is calculated based on chargeable weight and distance between the origin and destination. Note that the chargeable weight is subjected to whichever is heavier between volumetric weight and actual weight. The displayed estimated price is inclusive of fuel surcharge and taxes within India. However, now what international shipping cost doesn’t include? The estimated courier charge is exclusive of duty & taxes at the receiving country.

5. Know our Trusted Courier Partners.

The teaming up with courier partners is based on the weight & type of the shipment. With our trust-worthy courier partners like FedEx, DHL, Aramex, DTDC and others, we offer branded courier service.

6. What you can’t schedule for deliver.

While you can send food, medicines, household accessories, documents and excessive sized packages, you should know what you can’t schedule for the worldwide parcel delivery. The oversized/palletized shipments, liquid products, homemade food, etc are not applicable for shipping. For more details, check the list of prohibited items you can’t ship from India.

7. How to schedule Pickup from India to Drop-off at your destination.

Most of the times, you find difficulty when it comes to contact details & payment when you try to use any courier service. But, you can pick-up & drop off internationally at ease. As long as the pick-up is from India, you can utilize this forward packaging service. Payments through all credit cards and debit cards, UPI and net banking are acceptable. Listed below are simple steps to follow to send the courier from India.

Customer Satisfaction is our first priority. That’s why Shoppre’s dedicated professionals work at their fullest potential for a fast & reliable service. We offer pick-ups from anywhare within Bangalore and provide broad shipping services. From the doorstep-pickup until the destination, your package will be confidential & safe. Schedule easy pickups from India and get it delivered to anywhere in the world on time. Meanwhile, track online the status of your parcel, all the way to your destination. Furthermore, you now have access to the International Courier Charge Calculator. Get a quote & send your shipment. If you have any queries regarding the International Shipping Rate for worldwide parcel delivery, feel free to reach us via customer care.