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Are you looking for a reliable international medicine delivery service?
Then Shoppre Couriers is the right place for you.

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Why Choose Shoppre Couriers for Medicine Delivery
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International medicine courier

We understand, medicines are essential and they need to be delivered at the right time.

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Shoppre for 220+ Countries

We can ship many types of medicines to NRIs or Indian medicine consumers to 220+ countries.

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Dedicated contact for the medicine courier

Capabilities to monitor shipments during transit, Online Real Time tracking and Doorstep Pickup & Free Packing

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A cheaper, faster way to send medicine abroad

Are you looking for a reliable international medicine delivery service?




Mandatory Documents

Doctor's Prescription

Original doctor’s prescription is necessary which states the medical condition of the patient and the necessity of the medicines prescribed

KYC Documents

Senders KYC( Adhaar card copy ) and Receiver Passport Copy is mandatory to ship medicines

Medical Billing

Medicine bill with all the medicines mentioned along with the price

About two documents that you will need for shipping medicines abroad

Shipping medicines is a difficult task because there are so many implications involved with this process. With Shoppre, you don’t need to face these problems because we take care of them for you and further ease the international medicine courier from India. We can ship many types of medicines to NRIs or Indian medicine consumers to 220+ countries. You will need the following two things for your courier:

What type of medicines Shoppre Couriers ships from India?

We ship most of the medicines while maintaining strict safety standards. We are also capable of shipping medicines which are sensitive to outward conditions. These are a few types of medicines we ship from India frequently, they include:

Medicine We Can Ship

  •  Pills
  •  Capsules
  •   Tablets
  •   Lozenges
  •   Ayurvedic Medicine
  •   Other Health Products

Medicine We Can't Ship

  •   Inhalers
  •  Ear Drops
  •  Eye Drops
  •  Injections
  •  Homeopathy
  •  Herbs & Herbal

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After getting your FREE estimate, fill in the order form accordingly and submit it to schedule your pickup.


Within 48 hours of you making the request, Our Customer Support Experts will communicate and arrange pickup from Your doorstep.


Make payment online & your package will be dispatched within 24 hours from India to your destination country.


We’ll complete the documentation & dispatch your package(s) to one of our courier partners. Real-time tracking & doorstep delivery to your destination in   3-6 days.

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Online Doorstep Pickup Courier Service Bangalore

For Business and Individuals in Bangalore. Book a Medicine Courier Pick Up Services
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We understand that currently times are difficult and we still need to do the important things. Shoppre arranges a pickup service for its customers in Bangalore and Kochi, so that you can sit back and relax at the safety of your homes.

We further take care of your package and all the paperwork. Then we send the parcel to its destination which reaches within 3 to 6 business days. For this important task, we have partnered with renowned courier service DHL so that your package reaches safely.

All you need to do is contact us through call, email or chat to schedule a pickup and our experts will show up at your door to pick up the package within 48 hours. Our courier partners get the package to its destination in just 3-6 days, ANYWHERE in the world.

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International Shipping from Bengaluru, India - Safe & Secure International Courier Services

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