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  • Pick-up from Bengaluru India
  • Competitive Prices
  • Door-to-Door Delivery in Hong Kong
  • Active Customer Support
  • Online Payment Options
  • Live Tracking Facility
  • Branded Foods Delivery
  • Ayurvedic Medicine* Delivery
  • Clothes, Footwear & Books Delivery
  • Documents/Gifts Delivery

International Courier From India to Hong Kong,
Courier To Hong Kong From India & Save up to 80% on Shipping

Fast & Cheap Courier Services | Online Tracking, Express Delivery‎

r extends its gratitude to the people of Hong Kong, the world’s fourth-most densely populated region with a population of about 7.3 million people of different nationalities, and the most attractive spot to many business people.

Shoppre helps you ship your courier to the favorite city for tourism in the world which retains its position as the most visited city in the world for eight consecutive years such that your parcels arrive on time and at an affordable and cheap courier rate and enabling you to reduce your per-kg cost on your bulk shipment.

Go through the following FAQs for better insight and more understanding of all the questions that had arisen in your mind so far.

1. Why should I rely on Shoppre for shipping services?

You can rely on Shoppre for its services like Package Forwarding, Shop and Ship services, Personal Shopper services like Assisted Purchases, Consolidation services, Warehousing, etc., It would be a one-stop destination for ALL the shipping related solutions and would make your shipping process a burden-free and hassle free while you can just sit back and relax as they would take care of your shipment from end to end.

2. Can I ship fragile items from India to Hong Kong?

Any kind of goods except those which are in our prohibited and restricted list can be shipped. For any fragile items, you would need to make sure it has been packed properly as we will not be responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate packaging.

3. Are the parcels collected from my home in India for Relocation/Package Forwarding?

Yes, Shoppre collects all your parcel/courier from any address all over India. Even if it is on the 4th floor of a building with a broken elevator, we will try our best to help you during the collection. Just let us know in advance if there is any restriction for the collection to be made. Collection restriction could apply if we hire our trusted partners to complete the collection process.

4. On what basis is the cost evaluated?

Shoppre evaluates its cost based on both volumetric and actual weight. (whichever is higher) as a tactical decision in response to comparing market situations. The benefit of this is that the shipping costs can be cut down to almost half when you have multiple packages, as Shoppre consolidates your multiple packages and ship it as a single package. Due to which the cost you need to pay on each package will be avoided and hence pay just on the total weight of the consolidated package. And an additional benefit is that your per-kg cost keeps reducing as and when the quantity (weight) of the package increases.

5. How can I reduce my per-kg cost on shipping?

ShoppRe provides you with the facility of consolidation where all your packages from different sources will be collected and packed into single package and finally discard it after providing a 20 days free storage through which you can reduce your per-kg cost and also the price and the quantity (weight) of the package is inversely proportional to each other.

6. What is the best way to ship household items from India?

Shoppre would be the absolute answer for it. Shoppre helps you ship your household stuffs with very cheap shipping rates alongside the best quality services and fast delivery anywhere in Qatar from India along with the reduced per-kg cost on your package.

International courier charges per kg from India

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