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How do you schedule a pickup for your package?

Yes, we do pick packages from most of the places in India. Package will be picked from your location and bought to Bangalore Facility center and then connected to destination. Please contact us to know more about pickup service.

Why My parcel is being routed through Bangalore

Parcel will be routed through Bangalore sorting center for security check.

Does Shopprecouriers provides pickup service available all over India?

We have pickup from most of the place in India ( Subject to availability of service provider )

Are there any additional charges for pickup from Doorstep ?

Yes, Shopprecouriers Rely on third-party pickups, there will additional charges for pick-up which will be informed before arranging the pick-up.

When will the pickup happen?

After confirmation, estimated pickup time will be 24- 48 hours

Is packing done at the doorstep ?

We provide Packing service only in Bangalore. Outside Bangalore customers are responsible to pack shipment in suitable manner to travel safely.

What is the process of pickup ?

  • Pickups within Bangalore arranged by local vendors like porter and dunzo.
  • Outside Bangalore pickups are arranged via domestic courier partners.
  • We will send labels to be printed & pasted on the box.
  • Are there any Documents required ?

    Yes customer need to provide their ID for KYC purpose ( Ahdaar/passport copy)

  • Value declaration and list of items
  • Other documents based on requirement. Kindly contact out support for further more information.
  • When we will get to know exact shipping cost

    Once the parcel reaches our facility, Weight and dimension will be verified and exact shipping cost will be informed based on the weight.

    What is the Maximum value of a product we can ship in a single shipment ?

    It varies for different categories and countries. In general customs allow max value upto INR 25000/- for a personal shipment.

    What is the delivery time of the shipment?

    Estimated Domestic transit time to reach Bangalore from any part of India will be 3-5 days. From Bangalore warehouse to destination estimated time is 3-6 business days( Delivery time may vary based on due to flight delay/offload/ customs delay )

    What are Duties and taxes , why do we need to pay Duties and taxes?

    Anything crossing a country’s border or shipped abroad must pass through customs duties and the excise Department. Custom duties differ from country to country. Once the shipment reaches the destination country the officer examines the product & imposes the Customs Duty if applicable. Generally, these costs have to be borne by the receiver.

    Does shipping cost include Duties and Taxes ?

    No. In case of any Duties and Taxes applied receiver has to pay.

    What Happens if my shipment is lost in transit ?

    In case of loss of shipment claimable value is Declared value or Max INR 5000. Carrier insurance will be availed that are subject to Conditions of Carriage. Kindly contact our support more information.

    What Happens if shipment is damaged in transit ?

    We take every precaution to pack it securely but there is no Liability for the intransit Damage.

    Can we courier Medicine without prescription ?

    No. Any Medicines require a prescription. All medicines require:

  • Original Doctor Prescription ( in English )
  • Purchase bill
  • Should be branded with all information Manufacturing Date,Expiry Date, Contents
  • Medicines are only allowed in only a few countries, please contact us for any medicines shipment. We are not accepting any liquid and semi liquid medicines.
  • Can we courier Homeopathic/Unani/Siddha medicines?

    Unfortunately we are not shipping Homeopathic/Unani/Siddha medicines.

    Can we courier food?

    Yes, we can ship food branded as well as Homemade. But few countries do not allow food. Kindly contact us for more details.

    Can we courier Health Supplements ?

    It can be shipped for most of the countries with specific documents. Kindly contact us for more details.

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