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Cheapest International Courier Services to Malaysia

  • Pick-up from Bengaluru, India
  • Competitive Prices
  • Door-to-Door Delivery in Malaysia
  • Active Customer Support
  • Online Payment Options
  • Live Tracking Facility
  • Branded Foods Delivery
  • Ayurvedic Medicine* Delivery
  • Clothes, Footwear & Books Delivery
  • Documents/Gifts Delivery

International Courier From India to Malaysia,
Greetings to all the dearest friends out there in Malaysia!

Are You planning to shop from Indian shopping websites like Flipkart, and facing trouble in shipping it back to Malaysia?

No worries!! Shoppre Couriers is here to offer you their warehouse address to help receive goods, consolidate all the parcels to reduce your per-kg shipping cost by providing a 20-days free locker, then ship it together with very cheap and reliable shipping rates alongside the best quality services.

For all the queries of what can be shipped and what cannot be, go through the following FAQs that would guide and assist you for a better understanding of the process and procedures from end to end. Shoppre provides quality services with its best courier partners that enables you to cut your courier charges to almost half of it as the courier charges and the package weights are inversely proportional to each other.

Find the answers below for some the other your queries:

1. What is the most cost effective and best shipping company to send a package from India to Malaysia?

Well, Shoppre would be the best answer for this. With Shoppre You can ship all your stuff with an incredible delight as the Shoppre’s main objective is connecting back the Indian consumers living abroad back with India and take the Indian online market and small scale sellers reach the global market. With the best, shoddy and truly solid shipping rates, You would definitely reclaim your experience with Shoppre as almost 50% of the shipment costs would be discounted to all the customers alongside the other energizing offers for the first time users, month-end-offers and many more.

2. How safe and reliable is it to ship garments from India to Malaysia?

Shipping garments from India to Malaysia through Shoppre is one of the best resolution as it is one of the leading Shipping Companies from India on which you can completely rely on for its best quality services, cheap shipping rates, amazing consolidation and relocation services, and exclusive offers.

3. Do you accept fragile items?

We accept any kind of goods except those which are in our prohibited and restricted list. For any fragile items, you would need to make sure it has been packed properly as we will not be responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate packaging.

4. Are the parcels collected from my home in India for Relocation/Package Forwarding?

Yes, Shoppre collects all your parcel/courier from any address all over India. Even if it is on the 4th floor of a building with a broken elevator, we will try our best to help you during the collection. Just let us know in advance if there is any restriction for the collection to be made. Collection restriction could apply if we hire our trusted partners to complete the collection process.

5. How can I reduce my per-kg cost on shipping?

Shoppre provides you with the facility of consolidation where all your packages from different sources will be collected and packed into single package and finally discard it after providing a 20 days free storage through which you can reduce your per-kg cost as Shoppre considers both actual weight and volumetric weight.

6. Can I ship Food items/spices from India?

Absolutely Yes! This would definitely be positive news for all the Indian Restaurant holders in Malaysia. And can add that extra Indian flavor and touch to serve the Indian crowd and Malaysian crowd as well while they would really love it.
But not all the items are on the list. Spices like cumin, mustard seeds, coriander, black pepper, clove, etc can be shipped to Malaysia without any issues but few items like turmeric, saffron, Hing, etc are restricted by the Indian Customs.

7. How to courier Indian handicrafts cheaply?

Shoppre would be the absolute answer for it as it constantly strives and aims for customer satisfaction and cheap and affordable rates by reducing almost half of its shipping rates and providing exclusive offers along with the best quality services without compromising on any of the things alongside adding the beauty to your entire house/office or any place for that matter with the mesmerizing looks of the Indian handicrafts.

8. What is the best way to ship Indian Jewelry to Malaysia?

Shoppre understands that the connection between jewelry and women is so deep that every woman considers her makeover incomplete without embracing some traditional jewelry that adds luster to her entire personality. Whether it's a wedding ceremony or a festival, a woman truly sparkles if adorns cultural ornaments, which India is famous for.
Shoppre helps you ship your favorite Indian fancy/traditional jewelry except precious stones like gold, silver, diamond etc that makes you look extra beautiful and add some astonishing look to the entire event/party at very affordable prices.

International courier charges per kg from India

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