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Safe International Courier Services from India

  • ✔ Pick-up from Bengaluru, India
  • ✔ Competitive Prices
  • ✔ Door-to-Door Delivery in Mauritius
  • ✔ Active Customer Support
  • ✔ Online Payment Options
  • ✔ Live Tracking Facility
  • ✔ Branded Foods Delivery
  • ✔ Ayurvedic Medicine* Delivery
  • ✔ Clothes, Footwear & Books Delivery
  • ✔ Documents/Gifts Delivery

International Courier From India to Mauritius,
cheap parcel delivery to mauritius, east africa


Shoppre Couriers provides you with the best courier rates to ship your products from the top Indian online sellers with exclusive offers for the first time users and elite discounts on all the special occasions and offers month-end offers and many others that make you overwhelmed.
You may now feel that they provide such discounts because their services are not up to the mark. But the answer is absolute NO. They are one of the leading shipping service providers from India with the most affordable, reliable, and also with the best quality services.

They provide shipping services to almost 220 countries in the world from anywhere in India with their package forwarding, relocation, Personal Shopper services and many more with amazing and all-time dedicated employees who continuously strive for the maximum customer satisfaction allowing you to reduce your per-kg cost to almost half with the increase in the weight of the consolidated package.

Go through the following FAQs for a clear understanding of the shipping process with Shoppre.

1. Which shipping service is the cheapest?

Shoppre is one of the best Indian’s high standard companies which provides shipping services from India to more than 220 countries around the globe. And what makes the company stand out in the crowd is not a very complicated thing. The company's main focus is to reconnect with people living abroad back with India. And making the entire process of shipping a burden-free and a cheaper one.

So I would definitely suggest you choose Shoppre because of its cheap and qualitative service.

2. What are the international shipping charges from India to Mauritius?

Pricing of international shipping varies from each courier service company. But the charges with Shoppre is far cheaper compared to other courier service company. The main reason for this could be the consolidation service which Shoppre provides you by reducing almost half of the shipment cost.
And when we are looking for a shipment, we think of both cheap and less time-consuming services. But the majority of the time, we have to either compromise on the time or pay the higher shipping charges.
If the shipment cost is cheap, it would either take a lot of time to deliver or it would either be less time consuming with higher Shipping charges. But with Shoppre, both the cost and the time is taken have a proper match and hence you no need to compromise on both of the essential requirements.

3. What are Indian shopping sites with international shipping?

International shipping has become a hassle process with lots of custom duties both from the sender's destination and the receiver's destination.
Majorly, there are no Indian shopping sites with international shipping. But, you can shop from any of the Indian online stores and use Shoppre to ship your package which is neither a hassle process nor time-consuming and is always a budget-friendly thing which makes you feel that your package is in the safe hands due to the strict guidelines on the protection of the package.

4. Can I ship fragile items to Mauritius?

Any kind of goods except those which are in our prohibited and restricted list can be shipped. For any fragile items, you would need to make sure that it has been packed properly as we will not be responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate packaging.

5. How to courier Indian handicrafts to Mauritius cheaply?

Shoppre would be the absolute answer for it as it constantly strives and aims for customer satisfaction with cheap and affordable rates by reducing almost half of its shipping rates and providing exclusive offers along with the best quality services without compromising on any of the things alongside adding the beauty to your entire house/office or any place for that matter with the mesmerizing looks of the Indian handicrafts and creates a very pleasant atmosphere to live and work.

6. Are the parcels collected from my home in India for Relocation/Package Forwarding?

Yes, Shoppre collects all your parcel/courier from any address all over India. Even if it is on the 4th floor of a building with a broken elevator, we will try our best to help you during the collection. Just let us know in advance if there is any restriction for the collection to be made. Collection restriction could apply if we hire our trusted partners to complete the collection process.

7. Can I ship stuff from Flipkart/Myntra to SriLanka?

The answer is no. But Shoppre allows you to shop from any of your favorite Indian online stores and handles the burden of shipping them to your doorstep by taking care of all the Indian customs while you can just sit back and relax.

8. What is the best way to ship Indian Jewelry to Mauritius?

Shoppre understands that the connection between jewelry and women is so deep that every woman considers her makeover incomplete without embracing some traditional jewelry that adds luster to her entire personality. Whether it's a wedding ceremony or a festival, a woman truly sparkles if adorns cultural ornaments, which India is famous for. Shoppre Couriers helps you ship your favorite Indian fancy/traditional jewelry except for precious stones like gold, silver, diamond, etc that makes you look extra beautiful and add some astonishing look to the entire event/party at very affordable prices.

International courier charges per kg from India

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